Fees That Align With Our Mission Of Transparency & Clarity

We charge a flat-rate retainer fee, which we present to you in a written agreement. There are no hidden fees, commissions or kickbacks – our only compensation comes from you and the fee you pay.

No hidden fees with our financial planning services.

Fees are based on your net worth, level of service required, and the complexity of your financial circumstances. We collect fees quarterly on a forward-looking basis and they are fixed for two years.  We request you work with us for one year to experience the full breadth and depth of our service.

Our initial meeting is a no-cost, “get acquainted” meeting where we talk about what you want and how we can help. We listen carefully and discuss how you could save money on all areas of your finances. Already have a financial advisor?  We can help you take a closer look at how much you’re paying now – you may be surprised.  Following the “get acquainted” meeting, we’ll provide you a proposal including your fee for service.

Our clients typically have investments of $750,000 or more, or incomes greater than $150,000 per year as reported on tax returns.



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