Investment Markets

Bitcoin – Real Asset Class or Not?

Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin – all terms for different types of cryptocurrencies that are all the rage these days. Also raging is the debate over whether these new currencies are an actual asset class that should be included in investment strategies. Or is cryptocurrency just a fad, a bubble that will burst losing billions of dollars […]

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Presidential Elections and the Markets – Is There a Connection?

Well the debates are complete, early voting has started in some states, and we are only days away from perhaps one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime. Over the past couple of weeks more than a few clients have asked us – what will be the impact on my portfolio if Trump wins, […]

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Recent Market Upheaval

We are waking up today to another very volatile day in the financial markets.  There has been panic selling overnight.  US stock futures are indicating stocks will decline 5%.  European and Asian stocks have declined as much overnight. The 10 yr. treasury bond yield, a benchmark for interest rates and a safe-haven asset, has fallen […]

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