Fee-only Retirement Financial Planners

Achieve your financial freedom with retirement planning

Retirement planning, and managing your financial affairs during retirement, is complicated. You want to have enough income each month during retirement, but how that income is created is much more involved than just cashing your Social Security check. Here are some other areas to consider:

  • Pensions: Take a lump sum, or annuitize? Consider joint and survivor payment?
  • What is an appropriate withdrawal rate for me? And when should I begin taking Social Security payments?
  • Health Insurance? Medicare Parts B and D?
  • Withdrawals from the Roth IRA first, or the Traditional IRA?
  • Withdraw from the tax-deferred accounts first, or taxable accounts?
  • How do Required Minimum Distributions affect me, and how are they calculated? What are the tax penalties of making a mistake?
  • Long term care insurance? How much coverage?

Resolute Financial works with you to set your plan. Even more importantly, we meet with you to keep your plan updated, and keep your investments producing the income you need. We have expertise in key areas such as creating a steady stream of monthly income, and balancing risk as the investment climate changes.

We can help you in the most important way possible: Because our compensation doesn’t come from selling investments to you, we’re able to help you choose what’s in your best interest.

You have dreams and questions. Our mission is to help you find your best path through your retirement.
Call Resolute Financial to schedule an appointment or email us at info@resolutefinancial.com.