What can you learn from a planner?

Take Our 1-Minute Challenge and Find Out!

Sudden turns in the markets, and events in your life, are rarely announced in advance. A good plan and sound investment strategy can help you when the unexpected happens. We help clients stay prepared, by providing personalized advice and guidance. We help educate clients, to be confident in answering their own questions.

Below are the Top 10 questions that we are asked. Our clients receive personal benefit from our professional advice on these and other questions. Are you ready to answer your questions, in less than one minute? Call us if you would like to discuss it!

  1. Am I on track to retire? When can I retire, and will I have enough to live on?
  2. How much should I currently save for retirement and/or for education expenses?
  3. What investments should I hold? It appears that many investments have become too risky.
  4. I think I can handle refinancing my mortgage, what terms should I request? Changing to a shorter term, is that appropriate, and how will it affect my taxes?
  5. I know that I need to pay attention to my investments, but it is not working out for me. How should I be rebalancing my investments?
  6. How should I deal with a recent inheritance?
  7. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners are the experts in financial planning and investments, how do I know which ones I can trust?
  8. I may need an annuity, but I don’t want to deal with the pressure of a commissioned financial advisor. How do annuities work, and What is in my best interest?
  9. I have numerous accounts that are scattered about. I receive far too many statements in the mail. How should I setup an IRA, or Roth IRA to consolidate this?
  10. What are my best financial choices for when to receive Social Security?