Client Success Story

Below are client stories that show the various ways we can work with you to help you reach your financial dreams. All names in the stories have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Abby evaluates a pension offer, and more

Abby had been working for 20 years for a mid-size company. When the company was bought out, Abby was given a choice to receive her pension as a lump-sum or as an annuity. She came to us to help her with this decision and to provide investment management that she and her spouse needed for their growing retirement accounts.

Seeing the big picture
We reviewed her pension choices and ran the numbers that she needed. We also conducted our standard financial planning, using their goal to retire at age 66. When we presented the results at our client meeting, Abby was able to make her pension decision with confidence, and see how it meshed with her retirement goal.

Realizing the benefits of planning
Abby and her spouse were glad to meet with us and receive objective advice. During the meeting, they also expressed an interest in owning an investment condo that they could use in their retirement. They had always felt that this was an unreachable dream. Using the financial plan, they could see that their savings and our investment planning could allow them to pursue this dream, while maintaining their current lifestyle. We cannot guarantee the future, but now we are helping to manage the details so that Abby and her spouse can become closer to their dream goal.

Michael’s company buyout brings a big payday

Mike worked as a manager for a small high-tech company. As hoped for, the private equity firm that owned the company agreed to sell to a large public company, triggering windfall payments to the executives. Mike came to us to receive professional advice regarding tax planning and decisions on how to use the new money.

Building an advisory team
We did some initial financial planning for Mike, his wife Amy, and their two children. Then we reviewed the sale documents his company provided to executives. We identified some legal issues and the need for advanced tax strategies and provided the names of an attorney and a CPA that had expertise in these areas.

Helping to implement the plan
Mike and Amy approved our recommendations for organizing their money and setting up new accounts to consolidate several existing accounts. New 529 college savings plans were set up. We are now providing investment management to help them preserve their gains, while minimizing taxes.